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Spring Replacements

Emergency Spring Replacements
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We offer 2 types of quality spring replacements for Torsion Spring Replacements:

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There are two different types of springs on a garage door. The most common on a two car garage door (16x7) is torsion springs. If you look directly above your garage door with the door closed, you will see the two torsion springs connected together with a bracket that mounts to the wall. The springs on either side of bracket should continue to the end of spring. If you see a seperation, the spring is broken.

  1. 15,000 cycle spring – 2 year warranty
  2. 25,000 cycle spring – 4 year warranty

The quality of the spring is measured in cycle life. Cycle life is how many times the garage door will open and close (One Cycle) approximately before it will break.

The second type of springs on a garage door, are Extension Springs. Extension springs are usually used on single, one car garage door. Extension springs stretch as the garage door is being closed. Extension springs can be very dangerous without safety cables running through the springs and attached on each end. Extensions Springs are not an even pull system. This can make your garage door walk as the door is being closed.

There are shive wheels on Extension Springs which can wear out. This causes the door not to open and close properly and again make the door go up and down unevenly (Walk).
Metro Denver Garage Door will inspect your entire garage door and opener. We will lubricate all of the rollers, hinges, bearings and chain. We will inspect the cables for fraying/breaking and adjustment. This service is part of every spring change.

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